"Steve Bassett's musical style is a synthesis of America's root music; blues, r&b, gospel, and rock & roll. Not only does Steve have a true feeling for the blues, he is a master of the gospel idiom, and in this combination of talents he is just about unique in music. He is a singer's singer and he communicates with his audience in a soulful front porch manner that crosses markets and generations and leaves his listener feeling like he has sung to them alone."

- John Hammond, Sr. - 




"Steve Bassett, one of Virginia's most acclaimed and beloved musicians, has written a thoughtful and moving memoir. Anyone who has been to one of Steve's performances knows how his warm personality blends with his musical talent in such a way that audience members feel as though he is having a personal chat with them. The story begins with a young boy's dream, initiating Steve's journey into the world of music and the relationships he formed along the way. As I read Steve's words, I could almost hear him reading his heartfelt tale of hope to me personally. Some parts are so poignant that they touched me deeply, while others made me laugh. Steve's book entertains in a meaningful way and is filled with optimism, peace, and inspiration. "    

Linda Kamsky Seeman, Ph.D.

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