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"Steve Bassett, one of Virginia's most acclaimed and beloved musicians, has written a thoughtful and moving memoir. Anyone who has been to one of Steve's performances knows how his warm personality blends with his musical talent in such a way that audience members feel as though he is having a personal chat with them. The story begins with a young boy's dream, initiating Steve's journey into the world of music and the relationships he formed along the way. As I read Steve's words, I could almost hear him reading his heartfelt tale of hope to me personally. Some parts are so poignant that they touched me deeply, while others made me laugh. Steve's book entertains in a meaningful way and is filled with optimism, peace, and inspiration. "   

Linda Kamsky Seeman, Ph.D.

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I was fortunate to sing with pianist Jimmy Black during
the last several years of his time here. After his passing
I gathered our friends Paul Keller, Tommy Saunders,  and new friends Steve Richko, and Pete Siers at Solid Sound Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We recorded these songs Jimmy and I had performed together as a tribute to his memory and the care and friendship he offered me during our collaboration. Tommy Saunders and Steve Richko have since passed.

I am sharing the recordings of that session dedicated
to the memory of my friends Jimmy Black,
Tommy Saunders, and Steve Richko.



Please allow 10 days for delivery.


for performance inquiries contact by email steve@stevebassettmusic.com

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 Welcome to the official web presence for

      Steve Bassett, legendary southern

      rock and roll/blue eyed soul singer/songwriter,

Hammond B-3 player, and independent

  1. recording artist. His albums have featured

  2. such friends as Jerry Wexler, Elliott Randall,

  3. Delbert McClinton, Ed King, Tony Joe White,

  4. Bonnie Bramlett, Jim Horn, Don Wise, James Pennebaker,

  5. Tom Roady, Rick Darnell, Joe McGlohon, Tim Loftin.

  6. JTerry Townson, Kevin McKendree, Larry Byrom,
  7. Etta Britt, Kelvin Holly, Randy McCormick, Bob Babbitt,

  8. Todd Sharp, George Hawkins Jr., Lynn Williams,

  9. Jimmy Nalls, Mike Henderson, T. Graham Brown,

  10. Clifford Curry, Jimmy Black, Jimmy Hall, and Roger Hawkins,

  11. David Hood, Barry Beckett and Jimmy Johnson

  12. of The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.

  13. His accomplishments include being the

  14. co-author of "Sweet Virginia Breeze",

  15. southern soul music chart-topper.

  16. and first call singer of national

  17. network commercial jingles.



Check out the video of "Pain In My Heart",

a song from the CD "Let It Go".




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